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Animal Control

Welcome to City of Carthage Animal Services! Our staff works to provide the best possible care for lost, homeless, or unwanted pets in our community.


City ordinance requires all dogs, cats who are at least four months old to be registered with the City of Carthage. To license your animal(s), the animals are required to first obtain a rabies vaccination through a licensed veterinarian. You can take your animals to Carthage Animal Hospital or Central Pet Care to receive their yearly registration tag. If you use a veterinarian that is outside of Carthage please bring rabies vaccination to Carthage City Hall, 326 Grant to receive your license and tag.


Registered pets receive a modern and durable registration tag. The tag must be placed on the animal's collar and worn at all times. More than 96% of lost animals with these tags are returned to their owners within 24 hours, many without ever entering a shelter.


If the animal has been spayed or neutered there is no charge for the license/tag. If the animal has not been spayed or neutered the fee for the license/tag is $5.